The sudden realisation that you are intrinsically and ultimately connected to everything. That you are insignificantly small in the context of infinity, yet, you are infinite.

In those moments, we are home.

The Tree Circle reminds us of those who were here long before our grandparents were born, and who will stand tall long beyond the passing of our children. Roots anchored deep into the ground and branches reaching towards the infinite.

Nature’s majesty in co-creation with human hands.

The intention is to create sacred space for transformational experiences, where as a tribe we come together and reach states of collective coherence, supported by the power of sound, frequency, intention, and dance.

Natural bamboo forms seven tree trunks, hollow as if burnt from the inside. Like fractals, each tree creates a circular space within themselves and together a circular open space, all bathing in a soundscape of deep primal frequencies.

Please listen on headphones for the full sound experience


Tree Circle takes inspiration from Scandinavian oak mounds, Irish fairy forts, and the giant redwood circles in California - living temples.

Natural material forms a circle of seven standing structures - tree trunks to 1:1 scale. They are hollow as if burnt from the inside, referencing the burnt redwood circles on the coast of California. Like fractals, each tree creates a circular space within themselves and together a circular open space. A subtle soundscape of low frequencies, composed by sound artist Alquem, will be playing inside each tree for the duration of the week. They will promote stress release, groundedness, and harmony. At night, lights on top of each tree will act as extensions of the trees into the sky.

The Circle

In a circle we are all together, all equal, all playing a necessary role in holding together the whole.


Humanity have always lived in symbiosis with the plant world. We support each other and feed off each other. Our role in planting, tending, and protecting trees for the benefit of all, is an art that in many modern societies have been forgotten.


The intention is to create an opportunity for people to come together in a moment of collective coherence where we can experience what it feels like to be in full presence together, as we flow from stillness to dance.


As a giant grass that can live on nutrient sparse soil, requires no pesticides, and quickly regenerates itself, bamboo is a superb natural carbon locker, growing along the full length of the equator. Its strength, light weight, and quick preparation without the need for industrial machinery, makes it an excellent sustainable construction material.

Our aim is to create awareness of the many possibilities of using bamboo as a material, and to support and celebrate the skills of the bamboo artisans - a craftsmanship unfortunately being lost with the changes of generations.

Parallel to a beautiful art installation which grounds nature based spirituality onto Playa, the art that we would like to bring to the world is real tree circles. In co-creation with nature, the intention is to create spaces for transformational experiences by planting tree circles for future generations.

Collaborating with communities across the globe, we will together with land owners, arborists and artists, map out and make long term plans to plant and maintain tree circles of local species.

Our vision is to raise awareness of our role of tending forests while making spaces available for communities to come together under the sun and stars - supporting nature while creating space for transformational experiences.

We would love to collaborate with you.

An invitation to create something special for your community, to celebrate and give purpose to the individuals here today, while leaving a legacy of natural beauty. If you resonate - please reach out.

Alquem Dance Ritual

An audio visual journey exploring altered states of consciousness through binaural beats meditation, breath & dance

With special thanks to Charlotte, Michael, Benjamin, Lee, Black Rock City Honoraria Program, Typhaine, Benoit, Anne, Max, Nat, Duncan, Antonella, Dave, Seán, Desiree, Lucien, Andrew, Albert, Luis, Sava, Eva, Lucrezia, Georgie, Jurgis, Ariel, Katy, Flavio, Caroline, Buzz, Pinka, Elvis, Jamie, Olga, and many more

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